5 elements of Temando, explained

Posted by Temando on Wednesday, October 02, 2013

With Temando, your getting goods from A to B is simple, no matter whether you are an individual or a corporation, an online retailer or a government department. Temando is the world’s most advanced delivery management platform. Not only do they bring together over 400 delivery providers but customers can automatically book their shipment online, print the consignment label and track & trace. 

Why Temando for Individuals?
Temando provides access to a multitude of couriers in the one place. Individuals can easily compare delivery options and costs, book online and have it collected from their home. Whether you’re sending packages to or from Albury, Auckland or Athens, Temando can provide a range of delivery options and costs from a host of couriers. Book it all online in a few quick clicks, print off your consignment label and you’re done.
Best of all, the system is completely free to use!

Why Temando for Small Business?
Online retailers can integrate Temando with their Shopping Cart or CMS, enabling them to offer their customers different delivery options. They can automate their processes and save money and time. Shipping is a vital component of online retailing, it needs to be reliable and prompt, it must be cheap and it must be flexible. Temando ensures that customers get the best outcome, giving them the choice.

Why Temando for Medium Business?
Temando provides businesses with the ability to streamline their logistics whilst still using a range of different delivery providers.  The Temando platform can plug into a business’s existing system (e.g. accounting or ERP systems) providing them with total transparency. Companies can see how their spend is tracking against their budget in real time. They only get one invoice from Temando and can use over 400 carriers. The Temando system enables businesses to minimise time spent on shipping whilst ensuring they have a flexible and cost effective outcome. 

Why Temando for Large Business?
Temando has the technology to streamline enterprise operations through multi-carrier connectivity and cross border trade. The Temando system creates a seamless customer experience for local and international customers. Temando’s award winning cross-platform integration, easily integrates with eCommerce Platforms, ERP Systems, WMS and Accounting Software - providing large business’s unrivalled overview of your fulfilment value chain.

Why Temando for Partners & Developers?
Temando provide a world class delivery management platform, meaning that no matter whether you are a partner or a developer, if you want to move forward, you want to move forward with Temando. The Temando Platform easily plugs into all the major shopping carts, giving developers and platforms an integrated solution to offer their clients. The platform offers single point access to over 400 carriers and overcomes the hassle of sending freight in an eCommerce environment. Temando also has a referral program open to relevant partners. Put simply, Temando is the best delivery aggregation and management system available. 


The Temando system is peerless, providing individuals, retailers, business, government departments and developers with the most powerful, flexible and efficient delivery management platform available. Move forward together with Temando.
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