Things to understand before you post reviews to True Local

Posted by Temando on Friday, October 25, 2013

When your business is focused on helping your customers get the best delivery solutions, you want to deliver. We take any and all criticism seriously as we want to provide the best possible outcome for all of our customers. However, most of the criticisms directed at us are based on a misunderstanding of what Temando is and does. We are not a courier company, we are not a freight company, we help facilitate between customers and courier companies, we help connect customers and freight companies. 

At Temando, we provide a peerless delivery management platform that offers our customers access to over 400 of delivery providers and allows users to automatically book their shipment online, print the consignment label and track & trace. Put simply, we are the future of shipping. We are not a courier or freight company. We do not own vans or planes, ships or trucks. Our business is helping you, our customer, to find the best delivery solution for your needs. Once you have chosen a delivery provider then the actual delivery itself is the obligation of that provider and not Temando. While we will do everything we can to ensure that your delivery is completed on time and in budget, the reality is that it is the courier or freight company who are responsible for the actual shipping of the item. 

Obviously we are always concerned if our customers are disappointed with a late delivery or failed pickup but before you post a review to True Local it is important to remember that while we are there to help you to find a good courier or freight company, we do not actually pick up or deliver the goods. That is the job of the courier or freight company. 

Temando is fully integrated with carriers. Once you book a job on the Temando dashboard the consignments are automatically booked through an API call into the carriers system for pickup on the selected date. The interaction between our system and the carriers is flawless, a failed pickup or delayed delivery is not due to the Temando system but because of the carrier. 

While we do everything we can to ensure that our customers get the best possible outcome, the actuall shipping of goods is out of our hands. We work hard to make sure that we only aggregate reliable carriers but in the end, it is up to them and not us to come through with a reliable and prompt service.

One particular problem that some customers have is being charged extra fees for packages that are oversize. The reality is that any fees applied for oversized shipments are passed on straight from the carrier themselves. As Temando do not physically handle the package we can only go on what information is provided by the carrier. These fees are based on the measurements from the parcel scanner when the parcel is in transit. 

At Temando we take any criticism seriously but it is important for customers to remember that we act as a go between the carrier and the customer, we do not ship the goods themselves, nor do we ever physically handle them.