Do you Yelp? Help the community understand Temando

Posted by Temando on Saturday, October 05, 2013
Do you Yelp? Then you need to help the Yelp community to understand Temando. Temando are the leading delivery management provider, helping people, companies, governmental departments and everyone else get the best possible deals on shipping and freight. What they are not is a carrier themselves. This seems to be creating a lot of confusion with many of Temando’s customers. If their package is not picked up, it is delivered late or they are charged more because it is oversize then they often believe that this is our fault. Unfortunately while we do everything we can to ensure that the over 400 carriers we are affiliated with are reliable and prompt, the reality is that as we only help connect customers and carriers and provide a single portal for all the necessary information, we are not responsible when the carrier fails in their obligations.

Are you a Yelper. If you are then we need your help. The Yelp community is one where people share reviews about various products and services, all in the name of helping (or yelping) each other out. However, while these reviews are mostly accurate and useful, many of the Temando reviews are based on a misunderstanding of what the company does and doesn’t do. That is why we need your help. To be fair a review has to be accurate, you cannot criticise someone for not doing what they do not do. For example if you went to a music concert you would hardly mark the performer down for not doing magic tricks. That is not what they are doing. You could mark them down for not singing well, or for only being on stage for ten minutes. Those are fair criticisms. Criticising a singer for not doing magic is not a fair criticism.

We are a company devoted to serving their customers. We have developed a world leading platform that helps connect customers and carriers, we enable all logistics to be managed inside our platform, helping companies, organisations and individuals get the best outcome with a minimum input. However, while we can help you find a carrier and manage your shipping, we do not actually pick up, physically handle or deliver packages. This means that if your package is late to be picked up or dropped off, or you are charged more due to weight or size, then your problem lies with the carrier and not us.

So Yelpers, can you help? We have done everything they can to ensure that people get a great outcome, but they are not magicians and they cannot do the carrier’s job for them, that is up to the carrier. If you see a review for Temando that is criticising them for a fault which is the carrier’s and not Temando’s then please help (or yelp) us out by telling the reviewer the facts.

We are happy to take on board constructive criticism, as any good company should be, but we are not magicians. Please help us out, Yelpers.