Plug Into Better Shipping - Part 1: From the top

Posted by Temando on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 with No comments

Welcome to the first entry in our ‘Plug into better shipping’ – a 12 part instructional series to guide you through optimising Magento with Temando’s shipping extension.

Shipping in eCommerce is often an afterthought. You have invested heavily in the product, positioned your brand and created the perfect website, only for your customers to abandon their carts. We know that 48% of online shoppers abandon their carts due to high shipping costs and lack of delivery options. In this series we will look at configuring the Temando extension to increase your conversion rates and ultimately the profitability of your entire shipping operation. Hopefully you will take away some valuable tips and plug into better shipping.

Let’s start from the top – what Shipping Extension is right for your business? The Temando Shipping Extension for Magento is available in 4 suitable plans; Starter, Professional, Business and Enterprise. Each plan has been tailored to suit different businesses sizes and needs and can be viewed on our website.

Our basic starter version is free for download from the Magento Connect Store, help tutorials and configuration guides are easily accessible to assist your developer to basically configure the extension, ready to use.

Why do I need the professional plan?
  • You would like to take advantage of our advanced rules engine, which allows you to dynamically display delivery options to your customers – Standard, Express, Same Day. The rules engine also allows you to govern your shipping by managing which postcodes are allocated to certain carriers and delivery options.  
  • The Temando system is a Hybrid rates system which means you can upload your own carrier rates (BYO) from almost any carrier in the world and still benefit from multi-carrier accessibility.

Why do I need the Business plan?
  •  You wish to take your business to the next level or already have M2E Pro and installed and you require our module to be configured to work with these plugins
  • You have bricks and mortar stores and you wish to move your business into the omni-channel with functionality like our ‘click and collect’ module
  •  You receive a large percentage of multi-item orders - requiring the use of our pick slip functionality
  •  You receive a large number of orders daily and wish to print labels in bulk
  • Use our Packaging optimization logic to drive costs down by automating which packaging to use based on the customer’s order information. 

Why do I need the Enterprise plan?
  •  You want the bee’s knees – a complete omni-channel fulfilment solution with real-time inventory management, click and collect, split shipments, drop ship and integrated returns module  

Whilst all versions can be installed by your Magento developer, due to its complexity we recommend an advanced Magento developer complete the installation to ensure it is correctly integrated. Alternatively, Temando can install the extension quickly and correctly (additional costs associated). Whilst there may be a few complex components to the install – the useability of the extension is simple for both the customer and admin user.

If you’re not sure which plan best suits your business needs, contact one of our Solution Managers.

Next week we will walk through - – The Basics.