Temando on Whirlpool, explained

Posted by Temando on Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Here at Temando we are always open to advice on how to improve our service. That is what any good company does, they listen to their customers and they aim to incorporate any useful critiques into their operations. If you want to succeed you need to be constantly improving. We understand that and we take on board anything relevant that our customers have to say. 

However, as with any innovative new business type such as ours one of the biggest problems is that many people are not entirely clear on what we do. This can be seen on Whirlpool  and other forums, where many people criticise us for problems that are not caused by us and cannot be rectified by us. While we always respond to these criticisms we also need to explain our role in the process so that all of our customers are clear. 

So what is Temando and, just as importantly, what are we not? Let’s look at what we do first. Temando saw the need for a carrier aggregation platform. A system that enabled individuals, companies and organisations to search all the different carriers at once so that they could compare price, a system that then enabled all of the online processes to be managed within a single portal. We have developed a state of the art system, one that facilitates between over 400 carriers and untold thousands of customers. The best way to look at our role is that we act as middle men, we hep connect customers and carriers and we help our customers follow the online progress of their shipping. Along with this we offer software solutions for online retailers to be able to offer their customers delivery options at the shopping cart checkout.

What do we not do? Now this is where the confusion comes into play, the type of confusion that you see on Whirlpool. Many people assume that Temando are a courier or freight company. We are not. We never physically handle the packages, we do not own a fleet of vans or trucks. Our role is in facilitating, not the actual process of picking up, moving and delivering the goods. Our business is helping you, our customer, to find the best delivery solution for your needs and your customer’s needs. Once you have chosen the delivery provider with the best price and timing then the actual delivery itself is up to the provider and not us. While we do everything that we can to make sure that your delivery is completed on time and in budget, the truth is that it is the carrier company who is responsible for the actual shipping of the item.

The same goes for any extra charges if your package is overweight or oversize. We never handle or see the package, we simply rely the information passed on by the carrier. This means that if you have a problem with extra charges for an overweight or oversize package then you need to lodge a dispute via our contact function https://dashboard.temando.com/support

Here at Temando we aim to deliver a great result, but we do not actually deliver the package itself! That is up to our affiliate carriers.