What's wrong with your review of Temando on Product Review

Posted by Temando on Wednesday, October 02, 2013

At Temando we take our customers’ concerns seriously. We understand how important prompt and reliable shipping is to our customers and endeavour to do everything we can to ensure that our service is exemplary at all times. We know that there will sometimes be problems and always address these as soon as we can. However, while sometimes a negative product review will highlight a real problem with our service, often the review misunderstands Temando role and function. We are not a freight company. We are a delivery management platform. We help our customers manage their logistics.

This means that when product reviews that state we didn’t deliver a product on time are missing the point. Temando do not physically deliver packages. We help you to organise your shipping. Our role is as a middle man, helping our customers to find the best courier for the job. While we are obviously concerned if our customer’s experience delays with their shipping, ultimately the issue lies with the courier and not Temando. We do everything in our power to ensure that all of our customers get the service they deserve and pay for, but we only facilitate connections between customers and couriers. 

Temando is a delivery management platform. It is more than just freight software, Temando is all about collaboration to create effective and efficient delivery models. Our delivery partners are varied and offer unique delivery solutions; we give our customers the power to find the best delivery service. While we work with companies with the same passion for logistical solutions as us, and who share our collaborative approach to business, we can never guarantee that their service will be flawless.

Naturally we want to ensure that all of our customers get the outcome they want and if you look on the product review site you will see that we respond to each and every query. However, the reality is that if you have a problem with the timing of a delivery then the fault lies with the courier company and not Temando. 

Temando is not actually the courier/delivery company. We are a software platform that allows both individuals and businesses to book a range of couriers. The couriers on our system range from - Fastway, Allied Express, Couriers Please and many others. These companies are leading providers and between them account for a large share of freight in Australia and internationally. 

We work hard to provide a first class service and we will help our customers follow up on any problems but it is better if they deal directly with the courier company that they have engaged for the job. If your delivery is late or has not turned up then the quickest and easiest way is to firstly track your package using your consignment number via the courier’s website. If this fails to help lodge an online enquiry with the courier or contact the courier directly via phone so that they can track it down for you. If you have any further issues with the courier company – Temando is happy to assist.

Temando, we help people find the right delivery provider, but we are not the courier company.