Series Wrap: Plug Into Better Shipping

Posted by Temando on Thursday, August 14, 2014 with No comments

We've now completed our series of blogs dedicated to exploring the intricacies of our Magento extension. The blogs individually are excellent for picking up tips and tricks, however together they form an excellent body of knowledge for anyone using Temando as a part of their Magento store. As such, it seems appropriate to have a quick run-down of what we covered off in the series.

1: Choosing a Plan
In our first post we ran through the features and benefits of our various plans to outline exactly what you get at each level.

2: The Basics
Our second entry explains the ins and outs of setting up your Temando profile and account and linking these to your Magento extension.

3: Packaging Configuration
Next we went through choosing your packaging and saving the details in the system
to benefit from our packaging logic.

4: Multiple Location Management
This entry went through the steps involved in configuring multiple shipping locations within your Temando extension.

5: Rules
The ability to create smart cart and fulfilment based rules is one of the biggest strengths of our Magento shipping extension. Our fifth post went through setting up basic rules.

6: More Rules
You guessed it. As a follow on from the previous post we went and had a look at some more advanced rules you can use to add real value and personalisation to your processes.

7: Value Adding for the Social Conscious
This post explains our partnerships with The Gaia Partnership and The Footprints Network and how you can enable carbon offsetting and micro-donation options within your shopping cart.

8: Click & Collect
In part 8 we took a look at the Temando Click & Collect module and the benefits that businesses can gain by offering this approach.

9: Click & Collect Configuration
In part 9 we delved deeper into Click & Collect, specifically how to set up zones and locations.

10: Getting Orders Out the Door
Our tenth post outlines how to manage orders when they come in. Included in the post is information on booking orders and manifesting.

11: Pick Pack and Label
This post follows on from the tenth entry and goes into more detail on pick slips and consignment labels within your Temando Magento extension.

12: Managing Returns
Last but not least, we had a look at how you can manage returns effectively to boost shoppers' confidence in your business and provide an optimised customer experience.

That's it. A comprehensive run through everything you need to know to get the most out of your Temando Magento extension. As always, if you require more detail on any of these points or wish to discuss your account, please get in touch with our team.