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Written by Christopher Sewell.

Temando have measured and supplied carbon offsets covering a total distance of over 3.7 million kilometres for their Clients.

That’s the equivalent of circumnavigating the planet over 92 times! That’s a long, long way and also a lot of carbon that would otherwise not have been neutralised!

Why the rise in consumer carbon offsetting.
Over the last few months Temando have seen a 20% rise in consumers taking environmental matters into their own hands by offsetting carbon emissions from their on-line shipping (*source: Temando offset statistics August –October 2013). Consumers are becoming more and more aware of their responsibilities as global citizens and are clearly responding favorably to businesses who are prepared to offset their orders at the checkout.   

How it works
Effectively, by including the offsetting option, customers can choose to negate the carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere from the process of shipping their order. At the checkout, customers will see an option to offset the shipment. By selecting this box, the amount of carbon is automatically calculated and the offset fee is added to their shipping cost – usually well under a $1.00.  The unique CO2counter technology allows the offset certificate to be automatically generated as a PDF and emailed to the customer if required.  The fee is used to invest in projects that prevent or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

Temando, in co-operation with The Gaia Partnership, have arrangements in place with Climate Friendly so you can now purchase offsets in the Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project. For details of the offsets please read more here

Temando believe these Australian offsets will add further value to your business when you or your customer’s policy is to offset emissions from the transport of goods.

About Christopher Sewell

Christopher Sewell the CEO of The Gaia Partnership who is building an on-line application ‘CO2counter’ to measure carbon emissions in all forms of marketing communications on both the supply and demand side. More information is available on www.gaiapartnership.com
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