How to open your clamshell packaging with a can opener

Posted by Temando on Thursday, October 17, 2013

There is nothing like having your new package arrive! The excitement that has been building is released and all you can think of is getting your item out and using it. However, sometimes that urge is restrained by the fact that you cannot get into your package! Yes, there is nothing worse than being stymied by difficult packaging. There is plenty of annoying packaging but the worst has to be clamshell packaging. You know the stuff, two layers of translucent plastic that mould around the item and are heat sealed around the edges. That stuff is not only super tough but if you open it the wrong way you can either cut your hand or damage the item inside. 

So your package has arrived? Yes! You are only one step away from using whatever it is that you have ordered. All you need to do now is open it up. Generally speaking that is not too much of an ordeal, unless of course it is a clamshell package. Lots of stuff is packed in the clamshell packaging these days. The clamshell has two layers of translucent plastic that mould around the item and are then heat sealed around the edges. It is good packaging in one respect, it is so hard to open that you can tell it would never open by accident. However that strength and reliability also make it a real pain to open when you actually want to open it. Lots of people have cut themselves on that packaging, loads of others have ended up damaging the item or losing pieces of it. 

Here at Temando we are all about doing things the smart way, and that includes opening clamshell packages. Sure you could try and rip it open with your teeth or a knife but chances are that something is going to go wrong. The good news is that you don’t need to risk your physical health or the item you have just bought to get your new possession out of that clamshell packaging. Nope! All you need is a can opener, which every single household has.

Right, so all you need is the clamshell package and a can opener. Get the package and start using the can opener around the edge, just as you would with a can. You should find that the package is no match for the can opener. It will just rip around the package in no time, freeing your item from its plastic cocoon with none of the danger that you would otherwise place yourself in. 

In no time you will have your item out, safely and securely. Although the can opener is designed for a totally different purpose it is perfect for opening clamshell packaging. Don’t risk your health or your new item, thanks to Temando you can get into your new item using a can opener. 

With Temando you can do it quicker and smarter. That is what we are here for.
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