It's Getting Festive

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More shoppers are buying online than ever before, this means an influx of parcels being sent across the country during the Festive Season. To stay on top of your trading we have put together a list of top tips, Temando facts and courier deadlines to help you.

1. Patience and Planning - The Festive Season is a busy time for everyone! In the lead up get pen to paper and plan out your strategy and deadlines.

2. Communicate – With the planning part done it is important to communicate these deadlines with your customer. Does your website say free overnight delivery? A last minute rush on the 23rd may see customers jumping on this for the freight to be caught up in rush of parcels – resulting in delayed delivery. To avoid upset and disgruntled customers ensure you clearly communicate your deadlines for purchases.

3. Satchels ready to go – Do you send most of your stock in satchels? Stock up before the Festive Season to get you through December. Order satchels by contacting Temando Support or clicking here.

4. Be aware of carrier cut off’s – we have put together a general outline for last days to send out freight and have it delivered in time for Christmas. Please note this is a general outline and no timings are guaranteed.
To find out the freight deadlines click on the city below that you are sending from:

5. Encourage Early Transactions - If it's your first time retailing over the Festive period get ready! It's a rush. Some of our old hand retailers have implemented campaigns in the lead up to encourage shoppers to purchase before certain dates to ensure their parcels arrive on time and to avoid disappointment.

6. Temando Trading Hours

Leading up to Christmas Temando Customer support will be operating from 8am – 6pm AEDT Monday to Friday

Customer Support will be closed on the following days –

Christmas Day (Wednesday 25 December)          
Boxing Day (Thursday 26 December)                      
Friday 27 December                                                       
New Years Day (Wednesday 1 January)

Skeleton staff are available from the 30th of December until 6th of January with normal hours of operations resuming Monday 13th of January.

It is important to note that any freight not delivered by 6pm on the 24th isn’t going to make it, despite the best efforts of Temando's Support Team. Due to increased volumes over the Festive period delays will be experienced and we appreciate the patience of our customers. 

With some careful planning end of year trading can be your most successful time of the year.
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