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Posted by Temando on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Temando is the most comprehensive delivery management platform in the world. We have worked hard to develop the most sophisticated state of the art platform that delivers results. Temando is a flexible and focused delivery platform that is all about collaboration to create effective and efficient delivery models. With a huge range of delivery partners you will find the perfect delivery solution every time. Temando works with companies that share the same passion for logistical solutions.

Quite simply, there is nothing else in the market like the Temando platform. In its simplest form, the Temando system allows you to compare quotes and delivery options from over 400 available carriers. The system allows users to automatically book their shipment online, print the consignment label and track & trace. It saves time and ensures that you get the best rate and the best service. 

While Temando is often compared to the likes of Webjet and iSelect, which provide services where users can search all options in one place, the Temando delivery management platform provides far more features and functions. The ‘freight aggregation’ platform that Temando has developed draws quotes instantly from carriers, allowing you to choose the courier that suits your requirements and budget. 

You do not need to go anywhere else with Temando, it is all done within their system, ensuring you speed and options. Not only can you find the right delivery solution via the Temando website, customers can also track, produce shipping documentation, insure goods-in-transit and participate in carbon offset programs. No other service is able to provide the same comprehensive end to end service that Temando does, no other service can ensure that throughout the process you have all the information you need at your fingertips. 

Temando provides an online interface that integrates with a website’s back-end system for high volume shipping. While their competitors are generally interfaced with limited carriers, Temando aggregate over 400 providers, ensuring that customers get the right delivery solution every time. They provide API technology and true aggregation meaning there is no dependency on the carrier’s IT system being available to source a quote and full audit functionality. With Temando you are taken care of internally. 

The Temando System is also able to integrate with shopping carts, content management systems (CMS), warehouse management systems (WMS), accounting systems and enterprise resource planning software (ERP), providing businesses with a total shipping solution.  The scalable platform aims to reduce costs and create demand, by breaking down the barriers to trade.

Temando is not a broker. They aggregate all carrier companies and their pricing into system, providing visibility on all options. This is unlike their competitors, who leverage relationships with carrier companies to squeeze price for cost savings. Temando provides customer services throughout the transaction including quotes, shipping labels, parcel/shipment tracking, automatic carrier scheduling. Temando are independent, they look out for their customers first and foremost so that when you use them you know that you are getting the best outcome. 

When you need the best delivery solution you need Temando.
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