Cart Update: Magento 2.0

Posted by Temando on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 with No comments
Magento is a shopping cart platform, recently purchased by eBay. It is hugely popular among small, medium and enterprise level customers.  It’s often ranked within the top 5 eCommerce platforms and currently serves over 110,000 merchants.

The Temando Magento 2.0 Plugin is now available and offers some great new features along with the full functionality of the Temando shipping calculator:

Multi Origin
Set up multiple locations (e.g. warehouses, stores) and create a rule to ship products to a customer from the location closest to them.  Beneficial for those businesses with multiple stores and warehouses.

Multi Packaging
Configure up to 5 packages per product. For example, a dining table set might have a box for the table, plus one for each chair, yet is sold as a set.

Rule Engine
The new rule engine lets you take advantage of flat rate and dynamic pricing. Want to offer free shipping for those customers that spend over a certain amount? Perhaps free shipping for all local deliveries? The rule engine allows you to create rules based on product weights, shopping cart price totals and postcode. A welcomed feature that we are sure Magento users will love.  

Linking your Magento & Temando
If you are selling on your own website and on eBay, you can now import all your orders into Temando to process them all in the one place. Easy!

Temando loves Magento and we hope you do too, we are currently offering FREE installation of the Temando module in Magento – limited time only! Contact us for further details.