10 things you can do with a cardboard box

Posted by Temando on Thursday, October 31, 2013

If you get a lot of freight you will no doubt have a lot of cardboard boxes around. To ensure that you don’t just throw them out, here are 10 things you can do with the cardboard box, rather than simply dumping them. 

Number one. Recycle. Yes, now days we are all clued up to how great recycling is but that still doesn't mean that everyone is doing it. Too often boxes are thrown in the rubbish when they could be recycled. If you don’t want the box anymore then at least make sure that you recycle it rather than throwing it out.

Number two.  Let the kids have some fun with it! Yes, there is nothing children like more than a cardboard box. The bigger the better. If you have ever seen what kids will do with a big box, like one a fridge comes in, you will realise that these are better than almost any toy to a child of a certain age. If you don’t have kids then give it to the neighbours kids. 

Number three. Boxes are great for using to put gifts in. Often the gift may be fragile or shaped funny. If you put it in a box then it becomes easy to wrap and send. Don’t get rid of a box that you may need later, hold onto it. 

Number four. Use it for storage. They work great for storing holiday items, which most of us have in abundance, and we never seem to have enough containers to hold everything. You can use empty boxes for storage, no matter what size the boxes are.

Number five. If you need to do work on your car or it is dripping oil or water (in which case you definitely do need to do work) then you can unfold the box and use it under your car. 

Number six.  You can use it as a storage receptacle around your home. We all have spaces in our homes that are full of stuff, often garages, sheds and spare rooms. Use the boxes to restore some order in your storage space. 

Number seven. Make some fun for your pet.  Cats love boxes and you can make a fun house for him or her, all you need to do is cut a few holes in it, put some old carpet down on the inside and add some other playful things on the outside of the box for them to play with. They will have so much fun, and it's a whole lot cheaper than buying one from the store!

Number eight. If you shop at places that charge for bags or make you bring your own you can use the box instead. Boxes are great for these stores so have them in the back of your car. 

Number nine. Boxes are great for putting all of your sporting gear in, especially when you need to move it around. Have all the gear in one box in your garage and you can just grab it and go. 

Number ten. Handy and essential for when you are packing up house and moving.
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