6 things you shouldn't do when sending out a parcel

Posted by Temando on Friday, October 11, 2013
Here at Temando we are all about helping you get your goods where they need to go. That is what we do, we facilitate between customer and carrier. We have worked hard to develop the most sophisticated state of the art platform that delivers results. Ours is a flexible and focused delivery platform that is all about collaboration to create effective and efficient delivery models. Temando is the most comprehensive delivery management platform in the world so when you want to get the best price and the best result you want Temando. 

While we are expert at helping customers and carriers connect we are also keen to help our customers get the best possible outcome every time they ship their goods. A big part of getting a good outcome is ensuring that your parcel has been properly packed. Every day couriers deal with poorly packed parcels, poorly labelled parcels and parcels that are confusing. That is why we have compiled this guide to help you, here are 6 things you shouldn't do when sending out a parcel!

  • Don't use heavily marked boxes for your goods. For your shipping you should never re-use boxes with large amounts of printing or images on them as it is confusing for the courier and increases the chances that there will be a mix up.
  • Don't use weak or damaged boxes. Check the integrity of the box, make sure it is in good condition. You also need to look at the burst strength of the box (which is on the bottom) to make sure that it is strong enough for whatever you are putting in there.
  • Do not use bad filler. Make sure you use Styrofoam or some other proper filler. Things like newspaper just are not good enough for filler, especially if the item you are shipping is delicate or fragile. A proper filler is good at absorbing shock and protecting your goods.
  • Don't leave space for the item to move around. You should never leave too much empty space in the box, even if you think the item will be ok. If your item can move around in the box then chances are that it will get damaged during shipping. The best way to be sure is to give the item a jiggle in the box, it shouldn’t move at all.
  • Don't use the wrong tapes. Never use the grey duct-style tape as it can dry out and fall off in hot trucks or containers. Avoid using painter's masking tape, narrow clear Scotch-style tape, or other weak or inadequate types of tape as they simply are not designed for shipping and will break.
  • Don't risk items by using an envelopes. Envelopes are not strong enough to protect your goods. It is worth spending more money and ensuring that your goods are safe. Even padded envelopes offer virtually no protection. Put it in a box if you value you it. Or if it fits in a satchel – use that! Satchels can be ordered from satchels@temando.com

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