Temando 101: Why hasn't my item been picked up?

Posted by Temando on Thursday, October 10, 2013

Welcome to Temando 101. Temando, as you probably know, are the leading delivery management service provider. In a few short years they have streaked ahead of the pack, providing an incredibly sophisticated and comprehensive service. With Temando you can get the best deal on shipping in the shortest amount of time. You can choose from over 400 carriers, finding the best price and the best service for your needs. Temando have helped online retailers provide their customers with tailored delivery options so that they can choose who and how when it comes to delivery, they have helped multinational corporations to streamline their logistic, ensuring that they can manage everything from a single portal no matter how many different carriers they are using. While they can and have done all this, what Temando cannot do is follow every single one of the carriers around making sure that they have picked up all their customers’ items on time. 

Temando are like a go-between for carriers and customers, they help their customers find the best carrier and they help their customers manage their different freight throughout the process, from labelling to track and trace, from finding to billing. With the Temando delivery management platform you can manage all of your shipping from one single point, ensuring that you get the best outcome. But again, while Temando deliver exceptional service, what they cannot and do not do is actually physically handle the items nor do they actually actively monitor every single item. That is the carriers’ job. Many people still want to know why their item has not been picked up and while it is not Temando’s direct and sole responsibility, they do want to help their customers.  

So what are the reasons that your package may not have been picked up yet? Your item may not be picked up for a number of reasons. Carriers generally complete their pickup runs between 12pm - 5pm. If you book after 2pm, the next available pickup time will be the following business day. Sadly if you miss the courier’s run then you will have to wait another day, which means that if it is a time critical delivery (as many are) then it really pays to have the courier booked early in the morning to ensure that you get it there on time.

If you have placed special instructions for the courier, they will not be read until the courier has picked the item up as they are detailed to the courier on the consignment note at the end of the Temando booking process. This may sometimes cause a hold up so make sure that your instructions are as clear and comprehensive as possible.

If your item is still not collected the following day, contact the courier directly quoting your consignment number. While you can contact Temando it is quicker to contact the courier as it is their job to pick up the package. If you're not satisfied with their response, please contact Temando's Support Team.
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