Plug into Better Shipping Part 10: Getting Orders Out The Door

Posted by Temando on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 with No comments

In previous blogs we’ve spoken about optimising your rules and preferences for delivery. Now that the back end has been customised, it’s time to go through what happens when customers order from you and what you need to know to get those products out the door and into your customers’ hands.

A consistent approach to fulfilment and implementing a streamlined process will ensure that you’re meeting your customers’ expectations the majority of the time. By maintaining a quick turnaround time for order fulfilment, you can ensure that you are meeting delivery deadlines and giving your customers a positive buying experience. The average delivery time for online orders in Australia is 2.8 days and understanding how to process your orders in the back end of Magento is key to ensuring you can match or better that.


  • Temando allows you to Book shipments, print consignment details and push tracking details to the customer
  • Full access to change order details and select different quotes
  • As there is no manual entry required to fulfil your orders, the chance of human error is minimised
  • The ability to batch process multiple orders at once

How to Process Single Bookings:
Once you’ve logged into your Magento Dashboard, navigate to the Temando tab and select ‘Manage Shipments:

Next you’ll see a list of orders that have been placed. To ship an order, simply click ‘view’ on the relevant row:

Now you’ll be presented with the order details of that specific order. Here, you are able to make any changes to the order that may be required. At the bottom of the page, the quotes generated for the order will be visible, with the fastest and cheapest options indicated in the ‘notes’ column:

Click ‘Make Booking’ next to the quote that best suits your requirements to confirm the booking. Now at the top of the page you will see confirmation that the shipment has been booked:

The orange button at the top of the order details will now read ‘View Consignment’ which you can click to download the consignment note and shipment label to print and attach to the package.

How to Process Multiple Orders:
If you are on a Temando Magento Extension Business plan you have the added ability to process multiple orders at once. In order to do so, follow the same process as above to navigate to the Manage Shipments page. When you’ve reached the page, you will be able to select your pending orders and using the dropdown menu on the right hand side of the screen, select ‘Book Shipments’:

Once you have booked the relevant orders, click ‘Retrieve Consignment Label’ to download a pdf document with the labels for all selected orders.
Now all you need to do is pack and label your packages and await pickup.

Temando in Magento also offers a range of fulfilment options for business that have larger order volumes or more specific fulfilment needs such as:

  • Alternate routing options by fulfiling from multiple warehouses
  • Manifesting for businesses that have permanent pickups in place
  • The ability to fulfil your orders from ERP and warehouse management systems 

Minimising the time from when a customer places an order through to its fulfilment is vital to surprising and delighting your customers. By providing one place to book shipments, print labels and push tracking information to your customer, Temando lets you streamline your process and get your customer their product as soon as possible.

Next week’s blog will be in a similar vein to this one, we’ll be having a look at the specifics of picking, packing and labelling your orders ready for collection.