Plug Into Better Shipping Part 9: Click & Collect Configuration

Posted by Temando on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 with No comments

Continuing on from our last post, Click & Collect which walked through the Click & Collect experience for the user, this week we show you how to configure and manage your Magento admin to offer Click & Collect on the front end. There are 3 parts to this post:

1. How to configure the basics

2. How to set up locations and zones

3. Store user experience

How do you configure the basics of Click & Collect in your Magento admin? 

1. Select Click & Collect settings from the Temando Click & Collect tab in the top nav

Select Click & Collect Settings

2. In the general information tab you will need to configure the following:
Sections to configure in the Click & Collect module

Rate Configuration: If you would like to add a price to the Click & Collect option. This value will be displayed to the customer. 
Options: Enabling 'Show Estimate Shipping on Product Page' will include Click & Collect as a delivery option among the other options you have enabled.
Store Map: Enable the store map to appear for customer selection. You can edit details such as the size, icon and name in this section.

Example of store map that is displayed to the customer when Store Map is enabled

Checkout Calender: Allows customers to select a day they would like to collect the item.
Email Template:  Customise emails to be sent to customers. We recommend the following:
  • Ready for Pickup Template used to send “Awaiting Collection” email to customers. 
  • Reminder Template used to send reminders to customers about available pickup
  • Admin Template used to send an email to the store notifying them that they have an order to be fulfilled and collected by a customer. 
Send admin email on invoice creation: The order to collect email will be sent to the store when the invoice is created. 

*You can upload the email templates in the system section of your admin, learn more. 

How do you set up locations?
Sections to configure when setting up locations

1. Select Manage Stores from the Temando Click & Collect tab in the top nav
2. Select Add New Store
3. Enter general information

Display location hours: Enable this if you would like store hours to be visible to your customers. Setting the store hours comes later in the configuration
Location note: Allows a message about the store location to be displayed to the customer.

4. Enter the new stores address and contact details
5. Zones: select the zones this store services. You can select multiple zones by using CTRL and clicking
6. Location hours: select ‘add hours’ to add a day (under name) and start and end times. Ensure you select ‘save' when your done
7. User Permissions: select which users you would like to access this locations orders. Do this by checking the radio button and clicking ‘save’

How do you set up Zones?
Zones are postcodes within a country that are supported by a Click & Collect option. Each Store needs to have at least one Zone assigned to it. 

The zone/s assigned to a store dictates the map zoom on the front-end. E.g. If postcode range 2000:2999 is supported by a store the map will zoom out to view the image of New South Wales.
We talked in depth about setting up locations and zones in our previous post here.

You need to use the same configuration method as discussed in our part 8 blog post. But this time the zones need to be created in the Click & Collect section of the Magento Admin. 

What does it look like for the store? 

1. If enabled – the store will get an email notifying that an item has been purchased from their store
2. Log into Magento admin and head to the ‘manage collections’ under Temando Click & Collect tab
3. Any pending collections will be listed with a pending status, click on the order to view the details of the order and to access the pick slip.

List of pending and collected orders

4. When the items are ready for the customer to collect select ‘ready to collect’ this will prompt a notification email
5. Need to send a reminder to the customer to collect their parcel? Go back into the order and click send email reminder
6. Once the customer has collected their parcel make sure you enter the order number and confirm collection in the backend to keep records up to date. This will change the pickup state to order collected and the process is complete.

Click & Collect is an easy and effective delivery option that your customers will appreciate being offered. 

If you would like to offer Click & Collect in your Magento store contact our team.